How to make a Cross Stitch Christmas Greeting Card Step By Step

Make your own Christmas cards quickly and easily!

Here is an easy DIY Christmas craft idea to get into the festive spirit.
I love to give handmade Christmas card whenever I can.
The T-Rex and star designs are from my book, and the alphabet is from "2001 Cross Stitch Designs".
Choose your pattern that fits your card and get started😊!
T-Rex with star cross stitch Christmas card

What You'll Need

Materials for Cross Stitch Christmas Cards

  • Cross Stitch Pattern( I used these books from Amazon)
Dinosaur and star design (365 Christmas cross stitch designs p. 139)

Alphabet (2001 Cross Stitch Designs p. 275)

  • Aida Fabric
  • Thread/Floss
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Threefold Aperture Card (I used 4" x 6" (10 x 15 cm))


01 Cut the Fabric

Cut off the edge of the cross-stitched fabric to fit exactly into the aperture card.
Cut the fabric

02 Iron the Fabric

Place a dry towel on the ironing board and place your cross stitched fabric face down on it.
Place a thin pressing cloth over the top to protect your cross stitched fabric from the direct heat coming from the iron.
Iron the cross-stitched fabric

03 Stick the Fabric to the Card

Stick double-sided tape around the edges and aperture of the back side of the card.
But you could use glue here if you prefer.
Place your design in the middle of the aperture and press down all the way around.
Stick the Fabric to the Card

04 Seal the Front Flap

Again, put four pieces of double-sided tape on top of the fabric.
Fold the front flap and press it down.
Seal the Front Flap

05 Finished!

You have finished your cross stitch Christmas card!
Small and cute dinosaur and star Christmas greeting card

Reference sources

Cross stitch alphabet (from this book)
2001 Cross Stitch Designs

Dinosaur and star patterns (from this book)

365 Christmas cross stitch designs

You can purchase a printable PDF version of this book in my Etsy shop.
printable 365 Christmas cross stitch designs

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