How To Make A Mini Christmas Stocking

The Easiest Way to Make a Christmas Stocking

Once the design has been embroidered onto the fabric, we will sew it with felt into a stocking shape.
This can be hand sewn or sewn with a sewing machine.


  • Outer fabric: Embroidered fabric (Approximate Size 7" x 8.5" or 17.78 X 21.59 cm)
  • Backing fabric: Felt (Approximate Size 7" x 8" or 17.78 X 20.32 cm)
  • Stocking template(free download)

1. Cut the fabric

  • Cut the Embroidered fabric along the cutting lines

  • Cut the felt
 Fold the cut embroidered fabric 1 inch from the top. Use this as the pattern to cut the felt.
Cut the felt along the line that the light blue line shows.

2. Sew the top part of the embroidered fabric

  • Fold the top of the embroidered fabric back ½ an inch into a threefold seam.
  • The felt doesn’t need to be sewn as it will be used as it is.

3. Sew the outer material and the fabric backing together

  • Place the 2 fabrics together face-to-face
  • Place the hanging string an inch down from the margin seam
  • Sew together

4. Cut notches

  • Cut small notches around the margin seam of the toes and heel areas (to ensure that the curves don’t stretch when turned inside out)

5. Turn it inside out


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